7th Art Wall, Jr. Memorial
7th Art Wall, Jr. Memorial
Updated: 9/20/2011 5:27 pm EDT


PositionPlayer ClubTodayHoleTotalRoundsTotal
T1Moran, Peter J.Edgmont Country Club+1F-26973    142
T1Cutrell, ArnieGreensburg Country Club-1F-27171    142
3Logue, JohnBedford Springs ResortEvenFEven7272    144
4VanSickle, GaryTreesdale Golf & Country Club-2F+17570    145
T5Brown, DanPine Meadows Golf Complex+1F+27373    146
T5Benson, JohnPunxsutawney Country Club+2F+27274    146
T7Haag, Kevin T.Deer Run Golf ClubEvenF+37572    147
T7Fairman, FrankPunxsutawney Country Club+5F+37077    147
9Stimmel, RickDiamond Run Golf Club-1F+47771    148
T10Vassil, Michael J.Country Club of Scranton-2F+57970    149
T10Burns, TimothyCountry Club of Scranton+2F+57574    149
T10Schlachter, PaulThe Club at Nevillewood+2F+57574    149
T10Erickson III, Don H.Indiana Country Club+4F+57376    149
14Crnjarich, BobDiamond Run Golf Club+6F+67278    150
T15Quinn, Michael B.Edgmont Country Club+4F+77576    151
T15Van Wagenen, RossWindber Country Club+4F+77576    151
17Corbett, Brian T.Huntsville Golf Club+3F+87775    152
T18Gelrod, Ryan J.Commonwealth National Golf Club+2F+97974    153
T18Domenick, MichaelPhoenixville Country Club+3F+97875    153
T18Gill, RobertFox Hill Country Club+4F+97776    153
T18Kania, Jr., Arthur J.Merion Golf Club+8F+97380    153
T22Ulp, GregoryCountry Club of Harrisburg+4F+107876    154
T22Cipriani, DarioLake View Country Club+5F+107777    154
T22Weaver, Ron A.Bent Creek Country Club+6F+107678    154
T22Gemmill, JudLancaster Host Golf Resort+6F+107678    154
T26Strickler, EdHuntingdon Country Club+4F+117976    155
T26Fink, Jr., ArtieSinking Valley Country Club+6F+117778    155
T26Vano, RickDiamond Run Golf Club+7F+117679    155
T29Over, Alan R.Bent Creek Country Club+4F+128076    156
T29Antill, Dave C.Greensburg Country Club+6F+127878    156
T29Johnson, MarkCedarbrook Country Club+8F+127680    156
32Rodney, JohnDiamond Run Golf Club+6F+137978    157
T33Panebianco, DrewTalamore Country Club+4F+148276    158
T33Destefano, StephenSinking Valley Country Club+5F+148177    158
T33DAmato, PhilDeer Run Golf Club+9F+147781    158
T33McGuire, Mike F.Hannastown Golf Club+9F+147781    158
T33Corsi, JoeHannastown Golf Club+10F+147682    158
T38Simmons, JimStonewall+5F+158277    159
T38Stoops, Robert V.Butler Country Club+7F+158079    159
T38Lintelman, MikeSewickley Heights Golf Club+9F+157881    159
T38Leaman, Mark E.Honeybrook Golf Club+9F+157881    159
T38Hamm, Francis E.Country Club of Scranton+10F+157782    159
T43Chylinski, EdChester Valley Golf Club+3F+168575    160
T43Whitman, Byron W.Golden Oaks Golf Club+10F+167882    160
T45Allshouse, BobHannastown Golf Club+7F+178279    161
T45Bryan, James J.Latrobe Country Club+7F+178279    161
T45Luntey, J. KirkMerion Golf Club+8F+178180    161
T45Stoner, Jay R.Deer Run Golf Club+9F+178081    161
T45Knoll, Edward H.Deer Run Golf Club+9F+178081    161
T45Lafoca, Santo T.Huntsville Golf Club+11F+177883    161
T45Borowitz, StephenDauphin Highlands Golf Course+14F+177586    161
52Vonderheid, ToddHuntsville Golf Club+7F+188379    162
53Fleig, ThomasColonial Country Club+10F+198182    163
54Burkholder, Stephen C.Colonial Country Club+12F+208084    164
T55Seng, BillGolf Club at Felicita+9F+228581    166
T55Mastromatteo, James E.Lancaster Host Golf Resort+11F+228383    166
T55Opalinski, JerryHannastown Golf Club+12F+228284    166
T58Smee, Gregory M.Colonial Country Club+11F+238483    167
T58Westington, Barry J.Country Club of Scranton+11F+238483    167
T58Rozelle, WarrenCountry Club of Scranton+15F+238087    167
T61Fuhrer, DaveOakmont Country Club+11F+248583    168
T61Johns, Eugene M.Sinking Valley Country Club+17F+247989    168
T63McNutt, Gary R.Loch Nairn Golf Club+9F+258881    169
T63Scott, Rick A.West Shore Country Club+11F+258683    169
65Dimoff, GeorgeWest Shore Country Club+10F+278982    171
T66Kauffman, Michael J.Penn National Golf Club+14F+288686    172
T66Mesko, EdwardCountry Club of Scranton+17F+288389    172
68Komarny, MichaelHannastown Golf Club+13F+298885    173
69Oberdorf, WayneColonial Country Club+16F+308688    174
T70Barr, Bradley F.Hannastown Golf Club+18F+328690    176
T70Graves, JimWindber Country Club+20F+328492    176
T70Finley, Kevin E.Country Club of Scranton+19F+328591    176
73Booher, Daryl L.Down River Golf Course+20F+338592    177
74Chase, William A.Deer Run Golf Club+21F+358693    179
75Occhipinti, MarkCountry Club of Scranton+18F+369090    180
 Clemens, Michael S.Hanover Country ClubNC  87     NC
 McFarland, Ned M.St. Clair Country ClubWD  78     WD
 Darkes, BruceWest Shore Country ClubWD  93     WD