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PAGA and PSWGA to Expand Partnership


BROOMALL, Pa. – In a concerted effort to strengthen the game throughout the Commonwealth, the Pennsylvania Golf Association and Pennsylvania State Women’s Golf Association will begin a partnership in 2018.  Cooperative efforts in 2013 united the Junior Boys’ and Girls’ Championships in Hershey, Pa.  Each organization has enjoyed steady success together on the Junior level, and looks forward to the opportunity of expanding for future growth.

In 2018, the PAGA will begin assisting the PSWGA with administrative duties, championship technology and tournament officiating.  Opportunities for future joint programming will also be continuously reviewed. 

“It’s an exciting time for golf in Pennsylvania. Both the Pennsylvania Golf Association and the Pennsylvania State Women' Golf Association are combining efforts this year to bring PA golfers a schedule filled with championships and events at the finest venues in our state.  We are working together to host first-class events, as well promote, nurture and introduce the game to residents throughout this fine Commonwealth,” said PSWGA President Annie Vanzant. 

Without the support of its Member Clubs, championship golf in Pennsylvania would not be where it is today.  Both organizations are fortunate to hold championships and events at some of the top venues in the entire country.  Since 1909 and 1932, respectively, the PAGA and PSWGA have been serving the golfing community at both public and private courses. 

PAGA President Ken Phillips added, “I can’t tell you how excited we are to be teaming up as we head into the future of golf in Pennsylvania.  We are so blessed with great courses and players in our state, and we look forward to working together to expand on our already strong traditions.  We hope to see a lot of new faces competing and supporting our events.  As a volunteer-led organization, we encourage anyone with interest in Pennsylvania golf to reach out and get involved.”

About the Pennsylvania Golf Association

The Pennsylvania Golf Association (PAGA) is the authoritative body of amateur golf in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. In that role, PAGA promotes growth, preserves traditions and protects the integrity of the game, in accordance with the rules adopted by the United States Golf Association. To fulfill its purpose, the PAGA conducts state championships and offers other relevant services to its members and the golfing community regarding common concerns, and assists them in promoting, perpetuating and enjoying the game.

About the Pennsylvania State Women’s Golf Association

The PSWGA is dedicated to promoting women’s and junior girl’s amateur
competitive golf in the state of Pennsylvania. 
Each year the PSWGA organizes and hosts the Pennsylvania State Women’s Amateur, Senior and Super-Senior Championships, the Pennsylvania State Junior Girl’s Amateur Championships, and regional women’s Four-Ball tournaments that are open to a variety of handicap levels.  In addition to providing tournaments, the PSWGA committee works with local golf associations to develop and staff regional junior girl fun day golf clinics designed to encourage young women to play golf.

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