2009 Amateur Qualifier (West)
2009 Amateur Qualifier (West)
Updated: 6/25/2009 1:58 pm EDT

PositionPlayer ClubTodayHoleTotalRoundsTotal
1Vogt, MattConnoquenessing Country Club-4F-468     68
T2DeNunzio, RonaldLatrobe Country Club-2F-270     70
T2Pratkanis, JonKittanning Country Club-2F-270     70
T4Sweithelm, SeanIndiana Country Club-1F-171     71
T4Zamias, ChristopherSunnehanna Country Club-1F-171     71
T6Miller, WilliamSt. Clair Country ClubEvenFEven72     72
T6Rebitch, MatthewHannastown Golf ClubEvenFEven72     72
T6Milito, NicolasGreensburg Country ClubEvenFEven72     72
T6Moot, MattWindber Country ClubEvenFEven72     72
T6DeGol, Anthony D.Scotch Valley Country ClubEvenFEven72     72
T11Graf, Richard W.Allegheny Country Club+1F+173     73
T11Warmbein, Chad N.Rolling Hills Country Club+1F+173     73
T11Wolfe, BenSunnehanna Country Club+1F+173     73
Projected Cut: +1 (73)
T14Fritz, Patrick W.Pinecrest Country Club+2F+274     74
T14Varga, Jeffrey A.Hannastown Golf Club+2F+274     74
T14Rickard, Andrew R.New Castle Country Club+2F+274     74
T14Metcalfe, Zachary J.PGA Individual Member+2F+274     74
T14Leech, Tommy J.Pittsburgh Field Club+2F+274     74
T14Jones, Derek M.Hill Crest Country Club+2F+274     74
T20Stadler, DougTreesdale Golf & Country Club+3F+375     75
T20Turner, Michael D.Cranberry Highlands Golf Course+3F+375     75
T20Goetz, Evan R.Treesdale Golf & Country Club+3F+375     75
T20Reidy, EdWildwood Golf Club+3F+375     75
T20Klaric, MichaelPGA Individual Member+3F+375     75
T20Markovitz, Stephen A.The Club at Nevillewood+3F+375     75
T20Betts, William A.Longue Vue Club+3F+375     75
T20Nettles, Chuck A.Rolling Hills Country Club+3F+375     75
T28Miller, ShaneHannastown Golf Club+4F+476     76
T28DeShong, Darryn E.PGA Individual Member+4F+476     76
T28Gunkle, EdShade Mountain Golf Course+4F+476     76
T31Hippert, Rob J.St. Clair Country Club+5F+577     77
T31Davis, Kyle E.Indiana Country Club+5F+577     77
T31Nichamin, Alex L.Pinecrest Country Club+5F+577     77
T34Griffith, Reid J.Sunnehanna Country Club+6F+678     78
T34McFarland, E.J.St. Clair Country Club+6F+678     78
T34Behling, Brad J.St. Clair Country Club+6F+678     78
T37Mehall, Douglas E.Hannastown Golf Club+7F+779     79
T37Gjebre, Benjamin H.Sunnehanna Country Club+7F+779     79
T37Kreutzer, Nathan E.Diamond Run Golf Club+7F+779     79
T37Vespa, WilliamSt. Clair Country Club+7F+779     79
T41Boros, Joseph R.Butler Country Club+8F+880     80
T41Angelone, Alex A.Greensburg Country Club+8F+880     80
T41Derr, Dexter W.Punxsutawney Country Club+8F+880     80
T44Thomas, Shawn D.Totteridge Golf Club+9F+981     81
T44Ford, Bradley H.PGA Individual Member+9F+981     81
T46Evanoka, Drew F.PGA Individual Member+10F+1082     82
T46Kamnikar, Benjamin A.Sunnehanna Country Club+10F+1082     82
T46Chutz, Buck J.Oakmont Country Club+10F+1082     82
49Erdely, RogerPleasant Valley Country Club+11F+1183     83
T50Abranovic, AndrewKittanning Country Club+12F+1284     84
T50Coccagna, Ryan M.PGA Individual Member+12F+1284     84
T50Davis Jr., Jim M.Treesdale Golf & Country Club+12F+1284     84
53Marynchak, TerryPGA Individual Member+16F+1688     88
 Bojalad, RickPGA Individual MemberWD        WD
 Lewis, Don P.Sewickley Heights Golf ClubWD        WD
 Lustig, BoTotteridge Golf ClubWD        WD
 Lustig, TyberTotteridge Golf ClubWD        WD
 Tallent, JamesMerion Golf ClubWD        WD
 Lewis, Donny W.Sewickley Heights Golf ClubWD        WD
 Bergman, Brett G.Oakmont Country ClubWD        WD

The asterisk (*) indicates starting on the 10th tee.