Junior Championship
Junior Championship
Updated: 7/7/2009 6:43 pm EDT

13 & Under

PositionPlayer ClubTodayHoleTotalRoundsTotal
1Miller, LukeSouthpointe Golf Club+6F+97477    151
2Willner, Andrew M.White Manor Country Club+6F+147977    156
3Reilly, Jake S.Hershey Country Club+8F+178079    159
4Greenplate, Brandon C.Country Club of York+10F+187981    160
5Berman, Cole B.Philadelphia Cricket Club+11F+218182    163
6Renz, Austin W.Frosty Valley Country Club+12F+288783    170
7Ford, Zachary T.Grove City Country Club+13F+298784    171
8Kovach, BrockBerkshire Country Club+19F+308290    172
9Deery, Colin B.Lancaster Country Club+17F+318588    173
10Procida, Zak J.Churchill Valley Country Club+15F+328886    174
11Rueter, Jr., JosephTorresdale-Frankford Country Club+16F+369187    178
12Thompson, ChadWhite Manor Country Club+21F+398992    181
13Rusbasan, John H.Buck Hill Falls Golf Club+24F+418895    183
14McGrath, Patrick S.PGA Individual Member+23F+499794    191
15Hunter, Cory B.Commonwealth National Golf Club+31F+62102102    204

The asterisk (*) indicates starting on the 10th tee.