Senior Amateur Championship
Senior Amateur Championship
Updated: 8/4/2009 6:36 pm EDT

Super Senior

PositionPlayer ClubTodayHoleTotalRoundsTotal
1Howson, Jr., Jay Y.St. Davids Golf Club+7F+57079    149
T2Hennigan, EdFox Hill Country Club+2F+77774    151
T2Lamb, Don W.St. Clair Country Club+2F+77774    151
4Kanoff, Jr., MichaelGolf Club at Felicita+5F+97677    153
5Smith, Richard A.Philadelphia Country Club+6F+107678    154
6ORourke, Thomas J.Chester Valley Golf Club+3F+128175    156
T7Anderson, George B.PGA Individual Member+4F+138176    157
T7Weymouth, Jr., KentPhiladelphia Publinks GA+10F+137582    157
T9Shuman, Clyde W.Lehigh Country Club+7F+147979    158
T9Reish, GaleBucknell Golf Club+8F+147880    158
T11Brackenbury, BarryPGA Individual Member+7F+158079    159
T11Bilowick, George C.Butler Country Club+6F+158178    159
13Novinger, Larry L.Lykens Valley Golf Course+10F+167882    160
14Sherratt, James R.Old York Road Country Club+6F+188478    162
15Hoffer, JamesWest Shore Country Club+14F+197786    163
T16Lanager, GilesClearfield-Curwensville Country Club+7F+228779    166
T16Scheurich, Danny G.Lancaster Host Golf Resort+15F+227987    166
T16Deakins, Warren W.Philadelphia Country Club+15F+227987    166
T19Santoro, Michael J.PGA Individual Member+3F+239275    167
T19Stasiulatis, WilliamWest Shore Country Club+14F+238186    167
T21Gebhard, Peter N.Lebanon Country Club+12F+258584    169
T21Drennen, Milton H.Bent Creek Country Club+15F+258287    169
T21Callaghan, James J.Rolling Green Golf Club+14F+258386    169
24Virdone, Joseph F.Philadelphia Country Club+13F+319085    175
25Capuzzi ,Sr., Lawrence M.Rolling Green Golf Club+18F+338790    177
26McDonald, Peyton D.Williamsport Country Club+17F+389389    182
 Loughner, Larry G.Bent Creek Country ClubNC  90     NC
 Fry, Gary D.Bucknell Golf ClubWD  79     WD

The asterisk (*) indicates starting on the 10th tee.