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Pennsylvania Amateur Championship  
Central Qualifier  
Colonial Country Club  
Round: 1 - 06/22/2005  
Name Score
James M. Douglass, Blue Ridge Country Club 69
Tyler Witman, Four Seasons Golf Club 69
Alex Knoll, Bethlehem Golf Club 70
Kevin Farrell, Quail Valley Golf Club 71
Corey Gast, Meadia Heights Golf Club 72
Harvin Groft, Elks Club of State College 72
Kyle McCandless, Four Seasons Golf Club 72
Scott Mayne, Hershey Country Club 72
Spencer Philips, Blue Ridge Country Club 73
Todd Brown, Blue Ridge Country Club 73
Jason Barkley, Berkleigh Country Club 74
Benjamin Smith, Four Seasons Golf Club 74
Phil D'Amato, Royal Oaks Golf Club 74
Alternates In Order
Kevin J. Reiber, Penn National Golf Club 74
Chase A. Duncan, Meadia Heights Golf Club 74
T.J. Ostrom, Cooper Beach 75
Mark C. Yost, Penn National Golf Club 75
Failed To Qualify
Craig Morrow, Grandview Golf Club 75
Craig S. Kliewer, Meadia Heights Golf Club 75
Michael E. Magalski, Cool Creek Golf Club 75
Nate M. Reck, Four Seasons Golf Club 75
Trevor Pope, Blue Ridge Country Club 75
Alan R. Kline, Jr., Bucknell Golf Club 76
Charles N. Tait, Dauphin Highlands Golf Course 76
Charles Rahauser, Chambersburg Country Club 76
George E. Troutman, Village Green Golf Course 76
Gregory Ulp, Country Club of Harrisburg 76
John K. Sweeney, Lancaster Country Club 76
Patrick Rutter, Berkleigh Country Club 76
Ryan Sload, Four Seasons Golf Club 77
Jim Rattigan, Schuylkill Country Club 78
Kevin T. Haag, Deer Run Golf Club 78
Scott Kegerreis, Chambersburg Country Club 78
Ben P. Rowe, Conestoga Country Club 79
Chris Esbenshade, Four Seasons Golf Club 79
Edward H. Knoll, Village Green Golf Course 79
Rick Scott, West Shore Country Club 79
Clinton G. Smith, III, Carlisle Country Club 80
Dylan T. Shollenberger, Schuylkill Country Club 80
Fredrick C. Taggart, Meadia Heights Golf Club 80
Aric E. Sites, Penn National Golf Club 81
Bennett S. Meyer, Philmont Country Club 81
Chris Smedley, Coatesville Country Club 81
James M. Winner, Philadelphia Publinks GA 81
Michael Reese, Valley Country Club 81
Nathan Sutherland, Berkshire Country Club 81
Ron A. Weaver, Meadia Heights Golf Club 81
Kevin P. Lynch, Bucknell Golf Club 82
Matthew J. Mattia, Philadelphia Publinks GA 82
Robert Howell, Range End Country Club 82
Craig Howe, Honeybrook Golf Club 83
K.J. Stutz II, Meadia Heights Golf Club 83
Matt D. Zito, Carlisle Country Club 83
Dustin Pierce, Lewistown Country Club 86
Josh Sadler, Hershey Country Club 87
Stephen C. Buzby, West Shore Country Club 87
Eric Eyerly, Valley Country Club 89
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