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2013 Masters Contest

Drawing for our winner: YouTube Video

Congratulations to Tim Gershey!

2013 Masters Contest

Nemacolin Woodlands Resort and PA Golf are gearing up for another fantastic Pennsylvania summer.

To kick off the golf season, let's give away a nice trip to the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania.

Prize: A One-Night Stay in our Two-Bedroom Townhome and a Round on the Mystic Rock Golf Course for Four!

Disclaimer: Prize must be redeemed by April 30, 2014. Not valid on holidays or holiday weekends. Blackout dates and other restrictions may apply.

Prize includes one-night accommodations in one Two-Bedroom Townhome and one round on the Mystic Rock Golf Course for four people including cart and greens fees.  Gratuities are not included. Prize is non-transferable and has no cash value. Gift letter must be presented at the time of check-in.

Value:  $1,200

To enter the contest all you have to do is guess the number of sub-par scores (birdies, eagles, double-eagles, albatross) that the Champion will have during the 4 rounds of the 2013 Masters Championship.

Tie-breaker: Who will win the 2013 Masters Championship

Reply to the post on our facebook page, tweet us or DM us @PA_Golf, or send an email to

Entries must be received by 7:00am on Thursday, April 11th.

Good luck!

Sub-Par Scores First Last Tie-Breaker Source
13 Brian Matthew Keegan Bradley FB
14 Dave O'Donnell Nathan Smith FB
14 Rich Quinn Phil Mickelson Twitter
14 Scott Pearson Tiger Email
14 Dwayne Tuthill Tiger FB
14 Dan Herrmann Tiger Email
15 Rick Hrip Lee Westwood Email
15 Dave Helmstadter Phil Mickelson FB
15 Jared Texter Sergio Garcia Twitter
15 Greg Johnston Steve Stricker Email
15 Tim Gershey Tiger FB
15 Jonathan Germock Tiger Email
16 Kenny Engle Tiger Email
16 Corey Wenger Tiger FB
16 Buck Jones Tiger Email
17 Joey Schmidt Adam Scott Twitter
17 Phil Rothermel Jason Dufner FB
17 fentoozlr24   Justin Rose Twitter
17 Randall Finn Justin Rose Email
17 Fred Rudy Justin Rose Email
17 Andy Sergi Justin Rose FB
17 Amanda Gregory Louis Oosthuizen FB
17 Joe Pesavento Matt Kuchar Email
17 Drew Nedzinski Phil Mickelson FB
17 Matthew Salera Phil Mickelson Twitter
17 Fritz Valenches Rory McIlroy Email
17 Bill Sarsfield Sergio Garcia Email
17 Rich Holstein Steve Stricker Email
17 Devon Swope Tiger FB
17 Ken Phillips Tiger Email
18 Jared Shoaf Adam Scott FB
18 Mike Ogden Brandt Snedeker Email
18 Jeff Howell Graeme McDowell FB
18 Matthew Hoover Ian Poulter FB
18 Len Coleman Justin Rose Email
18 Chris Durko Nicholas Colsaerts FB
18 Dustin Sundy Phil Mickelson FB
18 Joe  Small Phil Mickelson Email
18 Don Shorts Rory McIlroy Email
18 Ed White Rory McIlroy FB
18 Mike Krantz Tiger FB
18 M. Stoey Tiger Email
18 Kyle Kobe Tiger Twitter
18 Will Breskman Tiger FB
18 Gab Lavin Tiger FB
18 David Steele Tiger Email
19 Carl Everett Adam Scott Email
19 Chris Storck Adam Scott Email
19 Mario Machi Bubba Email
19 John Weber Dustin Johnson Email
19 Erin Michelle Hudson Justin Rose FB
19 Greg Blackburn Keegan Bradley Email
19 Elliott Struble Lee Westwood Email
19 Jim Lawler Matt Kuchar Email
19 Patrick Pasquareiello Oostie FB
19 Matt Peden Rory McIlroy Email
19 Mike Paulson Rory McIlroy Email
19 John Pash Tiger FB
19 Bobby Stiffler Tiger Email
19 Michael Murton Tiger FB
19 Stephen Seiden Tiger FB
19 Adam Thomas Tiger Email
19 Josh Billups Tiger FB
19 Pete Richter Tiger Email
19 Brian Sterlitz Tiger Email
19 Ryan Ritchie Tiger Email
19 Nick Casagrande Tiger Email
20 Kyle Bloam Brandt Snedeker Twitter
20 Mike Van Sickle Charl Swartzel Twitter
20 Gene Hannum Dustin Johnson Email
20 Andy Hobbie Graeme McDowell Email
20 Kevin Kleinschmidt Hunter Mahan FB
20 Thomas Markley Keegan Bradley Email
20 Bob Schiller Matt Kuchar Email
20 Wes Turiano Matt Kuchar FB
20 William Peden Phil Mickelson Email
20 Keith Li Rory McIlroy Email
20 David Kearney Tiger FB
20 David Erfly Tiger FB
20 Jason Loehrs Tiger FB
20 Gene Olinger Tiger Email
21 Kevin Haag Brandt Snedeker FB
21 Stephen Presseau Dustin Johnson Email
21 Kirk Luntey Hunter Mahan Email
21 Michael Goldman Justin Rose Email
21 Drew Nedzinski Matt Kuchar Twitter
21 Jim Coleman Matt Kuchar FB
21 Shawn Kloetzer Matt Kuchar Email
21 Karen Mazzoni Matt Kuchar Email
21 Derek Hayes Phil Mickelson FB
21 Jeff Sechler Phil Mickelson FB
21 Bruce Gwin Phil Mickelson Email
21 Jesse Richter Rory McIlroy Email
21 Kyle Wigfield Tiger Twitter
21 Russel Nix Tiger FB
21 Brian Sidone Tiger Email
21 Jason Marlo Tiger Email
21 Charles Trenk Tiger FB
22 Tim Krzeminiski Brandt Snedeker Email
22 Chris Roselle Hunter Mahan FB
22 Ron Grzymkowski Matt Kuchar Email
22 Dennis Persin Rory McIlroy Email
22 Bob Ruby Tiger FB
22 Calvin Mentzer Tiger Email
22 Bryan Joseph Tiger Email
23 Tony Regina Bubba Email
23 Craig Kliewer Justin Rose Email
23 Chad Bernotas Keegan Bradley Email
23 Matthew Myers Lee Westwood FB
23 Sean Byers Matt Kuchar Email
23 Chuck Nettles Michael Thompson Email
23 Noah Karn Tiger FB
23 John Brennan Tiger Email
23 David Goldman Tiger FB
23 Thad Suzenski Tiger FB
23 Todd Evans Tiger Email
24 Zac Burley Dustin Johnson Email
24 Kevin Koch Matt Kuchar Email
24 Derek Price Tiger FB
24 Luke Serbun Tiger Email
24 Brent Will Tiger FB
25 Keith Berlin Lee Westwood FB
25 Ed Brzezowski Phil Mickelson FB
25 Allen Novotny Tiger Email
26 David Janerich Tiger FB
27 Cory  Reighard Tiger FB
28 Steve Sader Justin Rose Email
29 Kevin Huddy Tiger Email
29 O'Neil Pyke Tiger FB
30 Justin Reasy Tiger FB
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