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Keystone Partnership

This 16"x20" Arnold Palmer Photo Print comes with every Donor Support Level

An AUTOGRAPHED "Arnold and Friends" print comes with the Palmer Level of membership.

The Pennsylvania Golf Association (PAGA) is pleased to announce an opportunity for you to partner with us as we support amateur golf in Pennsylvania. The Keystone Partnership has been created by the Pennsylvania Golf Association in order that serious golfers can synergize with us in our efforts towards promoting Golf for the Commomwealth! We at the Pennsylvania Golf Association are keenly aware of the interest that exists statewide to support golf other than simply playing in one of our Championship events. Since the competitive field is limited in each Championship, this may reduce your opportunity to become an active participant in the dissemination of golf, its history and its support throughout the Commonwealth. The Pennsylvania Golf Association is therefore pleased to provide to you the opportunity to serve amateur golf in an additional capacity separate from your active participation in our Championship events.

Donor Support Levels

Sarazen Level $150.00

- Pennsylvania Golf Association Keystone Partnership Hat
- Arnold Palmer and Friends (Tiger, Love, III and Lehman) limited edition photo print which is not available for sale anywhere.

Snead Level $250.00

The Arnold Palmer photo print and the Partnership hat, plus your choice of ONE of the following:
               a. PA Golf Association Tournament Shirt
               b. PA Golf Association Gust-Buster Umbrella
               c. PA Golf Association Executive Committee Necktie
               d. PA Golf Association Belt

Hogan Level $500.00

- The Arnold Palmer photo print and the Partnership hat, plus:
- PA Golf Association PING golf carrying bag (with standing legs) embroidered with your name and the PA Golf Association logo

Palmer Level $1,000.00

The AUTOGRAPHED Arnold Palmer photo print and the Partnership hat, plus a donor gift of your choosing.

Printable Keystone Partnership Application

Donor Gifts

Donors will be given a list of items to choose from as a thank you for their generosity.


Since the Internal Revenue Service does not recognize the support of amateur golf in Pennsylvania through the Pennsylvania Golf Association as a tax-free entity, your gift is not tax-deductible.The Pensylvania Golf Association has been therefore committed to providing value to you in logoed gifts as a token of our appreciation for your support. Should you have any questions please email us at