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Venue:Longue Vue Club
Dates:Sept. 16-17 2019 
Entries Deadline:8/6/2019 Player Fee:$180.00
Qualifiers:August 20 - Spring Ford CC   (Directions)
August 27 - Chartiers CC   (Directions)
August 28 - Northampton CC   (Directions)
August 30 - Chambersburg CC   (Directions)
Tee Times:Pairings  
The Middle-Amateur Championship will be played over 36-holes of stroke play. First round, 18-holes. Players will be re-paired according to first-round results. Second round, 18-holes.
The Middle-Amateur Championship is open to any male amateur golfer who is a member of a club belonging to the Pennsylvania Golf Association or is an individual member of the Pennsylvania Golf Association and who have reached their 25th birthday by Sept. 16 and who have a handicap index of 7.4 or lower.
 Guaranteed Spots
Close Player Exemptions
Exemtption Classes
1. PA Amateur Champions (Past 10 years)
2. PA Mid-Amateur Champions (Past 10 years)
3. PA Open Champions (if amateur) (Past 10 years)
4. R. Jay Sigel Amateur Match Play Champions (Past 10 years)
5. Top 25, Previous Year W.C. Fownes POY
6. Top 20, Previous Year PA Amateur
7. Top 15 Amateurs, Previous Year PA Open
8. Top 20, Previous Year PA Middle-Amateur
9. Top 10, Previous Year Art Wall, Jr. Memorial
10. Top 10, Previous Year George Dressler Memorial
11. Previous Year PA Senior Amateur Champion
12. Previous Year GAP Amateur Champion
13. Previous Year WPGA Amateur Champion
14. Previous Year GAP Mid-Amateur Champion
15. Previous Year WPGA Mid-Amateur Champion
16. Host Site Club Champion
17. Qualify for Previous Year USGA Amateur
18. Qualify for Previous Year USGA Middle-Amateur
19. Qualify for Match Play in Previous Year Sigel Amateur Match Play
20. Committee Exemption
Zack Amole 
Brandon Antus 
Christopher Ault 
Ian Bangor 15,18 
Erik Bertrand 
Brendan Borst 
Dan Brown 2,9,10 
David Brown 4,19 
Michael Brown, Jr. 7,8 
Timothy Burns 
Michael Capotis 
Joe Corsi 
Bob Crnjarich 
Clay Davidson 5,8,9 
Anthony DeGol 16 
Brian DePaul 
Sean Duffy 
Chris Esbenshade 
Kevin Fajt 5,6,8,9,10,19 
Artie Fink, Jr. 
Jeff Frazier 
Ryan Gelrod 
Andrew Hodge 16 
Adam Hofmann 16 
Michael Hyland 14 
Mark Johnson 
Brian Johnson 2,8 
Scott Kegerreis 19 
Sean Knapp 2,5,6,11,13,17,18 
Brandon Knaub 5,6 
Patrick Knott 18 
Chris Lange, Jr 18 
William Marquette 10 
Mike Marron 
Andrew Mason 
Matthew Mattare 2,5,8,18 
Scott McNeil 
Mitch Mercer 5,6,8 
Oscar Mestre 
Scott Micklewright 10 
Patrick Mitchell 19 
David Myers 10 
William Naylor 5,8 
Chuck Nettles 5,6,18 
Jeff Osberg 18 
Doug Pfingstler 
Kenneth Phillips 10 
Ed Podufal 
Gregory Podufal 
Jeff Poet 10 
Kevin Rossi 10 
John Samaha 
John Sawin 
Cory Siegfried 
Steve Skurla 
Grant Skyllas 
Nathan Smith 1,4,5,6,19 
William Smith 5,10,19 
Rick Stimmel 5,6,8,9 
James Sullivan, Jr. 
Jarred Texter 7,10 
Daniel Thompson 
Conrad Von Borsig 
Jack Wallace 
Eric Williams 2,4,8,9 
Jason Wilson 
Brett Young 5,10,17,18,19 
The Middle-Amateur Championship field is limited to approximately 110 entries. The field will consist of exempt and at-large players. Each entrant, not exempt, shall compete in a sectional qualifying event to determine the field. At closing, it will be determined how many spots are available for qualifying once exempt players have been identified. All entries must be received by 11:59 p.m. on the entry closing date. Entry fee for the Middle-Amateur is $180 which must accompany entry.
Players who have been accepted as participants in Pennsylvania Golf Association championships will receive event information concerning course assignment, practice rounds, pairings, and starting times approximately 10 days prior to the event. If you have not received your information seven days prior to the event, it is your responsibility to contact the Pennsylvania Golf Association. Information can also be found at
 Starting Times
The PAGA staff, following as closely as practical the preferences indicated on the entry blanks will determine pairings and tee times. Contestants will be notified of starting times by mail. The "Official Time" will be maintained at the starting tee(s) only. Starters will not page players in advance of their starting time. Players should report to the tee one starting interval prior to their tee time. 1st round results will determine 2nd round pairings.
 Caddie & Cart
Carts are permitted and optional. Walking permitted, players may carry their own, bring their own caddie, or hire a club caddie if available.
Pull carts are permitted.
Optional cart fee: $35 to include practice facility
Caddies may be available on a limited basis.
Players MUST call the golf shop at 412-793-2375 to inquire about any available caddies.
Caddie fee: $70+Tip
The player returning the lowest 36-hole score will be awarded the title of Middle-Amateur Champion and his name engraved on the Max Banzhaf Trophy. Prizes will be awarded to top 10 places.

Prizes will also be awarded to the team (team members must be from the same club) that posts the best 2 scores of 3 for the two rounds of the event.
In the event of a tie for the Middle-Amateur Championship there will be a sudden-death playoff immediately following the conclusion of play. All other ties will be broken by matching scorecards in accordance with USGA guidelines.

In the event of a tie for the final qualifying positions in an Middle-Amateur qualifier, the number of qualifying positions plus ties will gain entrance into the Championship Proper.

The Max Banzhaf Trophy.
 Practice Round
Practice rounds will be permitted for out of town players on Sept. 15 after 1:00. Local players are encouraged on Sept. 10,11,13,14 after 1:00. Please call the golf shop at 412-793-2375 to make proper arrangements.
Practice round fee: $50 plus cart if riding.
Payment methods: Cash, Credit Card, or reciprocal club charge, if available.
Yardage books will also be available for purchase.
 Practice Range
Will be open approximately one hour prior to the first tee time.
There is no formal registration. Please be at your starting tee at least ten minutes prior to your starting time.
 Food & Beverage
Lunch will be provided for all players only on each day of competition from approximately 11:00-3:00 on the Pink Terrace. Additional F&B purchases will be available in the clubhouse and 12th tee shop. Players are encouraged to dine at the club if desired, but MUST make reservations ahead by calling 412-793-2232.
Payment methods are Cash or reciprocal club charge, if available.
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